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A unique development was coming to the Jewish Community in Denver—this project entailed developing a brand for a Mikvah 'coming soon to Denver. While the Mikvah was not operational, the goal was to raise enough money to sustain construction. 

Therefore, we need a strong brand that catches high-end donors' attention. 

While being built, we developed a strategy to promote the construction project and gain awareness in the community with a vibrant and relevant visual identity and messaging system. The messaging was open to anyone and education-focused, while the visual identity needed to be fresh and modern. 

The brand reflected a water-like feel derived from what a Mikvah is for the Jewish community. The dots resembled a Jewish star within the design, which was modern and catchy. In addition, a watercolorist enhanced the brand by texturing the renderings and photographs, giving the entire brand an elevated and classy feel.  

We helped a 20-year in the making vision come to life and launch in six months. Now, the Mikvah not only raised $250 Million in the capital, but they are also up and running now and serving the Jews in Denver and surrounding areas. 

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