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We did a complete brand refresh for Wow, formerly Wow Writing Workshop. They have been in business for over a decade and their existing brand was highly outdated. Plus, they were not communicating what they did because their offering had changed over the years dramatically. 


Now they have a new tagline, 'Your College Essay Experts,' a portfolio of diverse imagery representing their target audience and university vibe, a unique and elevated standout color palate, and a messaging structure with purpose and impact. 

Wow solely focuses on guiding students to write compelling college essays and providing training and tools to college counselors and consultants. However, they were not communicating this clearly, and we wanted to update its brand to reflect its current services targeting two distinct audiences. So we honed in the brand to focus on—college essay consultation for high schoolers and training and tools for counselors and consultants.   

We interviewed and surveyed stakeholders to determine the ultimate value proposition—Wow is a group of experts in the college essay space, and they help students effectively tell their stories. At the same time, they have an abundance of tools and training for professionals. They have two service offerings and two different audiences, and we helped Wow define this on their website. 


Wow is all around, helping the world be a better place and furthering people's education for years to come! 

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