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Kavod v' Nichum


Brand Strategy

Messaging Strategy

Logo/Visual Identity

Website, Social Media 


Non Profit


Kavod v'Nichum is a non-profit organization that has been serving the Jewish community for over 20 years. While their work of providing resources for Jewish end-of-life rituals and practices is extremely valued, it was time for a brand refresh and new clear messaging.  



Their original website struggled with direction. It had an extraordinary amount of information—400 pages. Their services became hard to understand and navigate. The website became an internal content repository rather than a storefront of the organization for patrons to browse and find useful information. While their staff was passionate and subject matter experts, they were too confused on their own offerings and mission. 


We identified their three primary services - resources, education, and training - and structured their new website to focus on the value they provide.


We honed in their in-depth tab style resources library to seven top-line topics. Now, their website has a clear direction for their patrons to follow. We also consolidated their education and training services under the umbrella education.


We also modernized their look. We leveraged deep jewel tones in their new brand identity to symbolize the richness of the Jewish culture, and the depth of life and also grieving.


Throughout their website, you can find artistic handdrawn illustrations highlighting end-of-life rituals and practices, giving visual depth to the important information they provide.


Most importantly, we helped with their high-level messaging. From their new tagline, Honoring Death in Life, to simplifying who they are and who they serve, we helped simplify their core brand messaging. 




We are extremely proud to work with an organization that services a community so close to our hearts.


The only thing that is better than hearing that our clients loved their brand refresh is that THEIR clients love the new look. Check out what Kavod v' Nichum's patrons had to say about their new brand refresh and website design. 


"Congratulations on the launch of the new website. I really like the refresh - it is so much more inviting."

"The new website looks very nice. May our sacred work continue under the chuppah (canopy) of compassion to guide us."

"What a beautiful new website! These are such important resources to share with the world."

Kavod v’ Nichum has successfully updated all of their marketing collateral, announced their new brand at their annual conference, rolled out the brand to staff and is continues to acquire new patrons and satisfy existing donors and volunteers.

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