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  • Becca Cooper Leebove

Life is a Journey with no Maps

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Innovative or some 'old school' ways to run businesses will sprout:

Here are some strategies that I have been thinking about for my clients: Since losing everything we know as “normal daily life,” has presented itself, I've been contemplating how this impacts my clients' businesses. Our structure and routines have gone by the wayside. We no longer can go to the gym or out to eat. We are homeschooling our young children and can’t bring them to sports or playdates. Business has slowed or in some cases stopped.

In other cases, grocery stores, financial and educational institutions, and healthcare facilities are overwhelmed with enormous responsibility to the public.

Before this, there were so many ways that we stayed in touch and connected with our customers. Some of us are wondering how to maintain business, reach new customers and grow? How to stay on mission and relevant? Do we have to pivot? How to stand out in a crowd when everyone is going virtual? These are all great questions to start thinking about in your business if you have not already, because this is not going away anytime soon and we're going to evolve forever from this.

We communicate through email. We communicate through social media. We also host video conferences and podcasts. We build websites and send text messages. Technology is readily available to us and thousands if not millions of dollars are spent on digital marketing every year. However, we also:

  • Connected over experiences.

  • Connected through events.

  • Connected through face-to-face meetings.

  • Connected over meals.

  • Connected at off-sites.

  • Connected through the five senses.

  • Connected through so much more than just online channels.

Now, we are faced with a harsh reality of change. Change that many of us don’t know how to navigate just yet. Some of us may be thinking “this too shall pass,” while others are thinking “the world will change forever.”

More appreciation of the small simple things:

I’ve talked about branding authentically in 2020 already. This idea has come to life for me these past few weeks even more so. I have even more perspective to say the least. Most of our daily pleasures have been taken away. Now more than ever, a lot was taken for granted and the fancy stuff doesn't matter as much anymore. A simple hello, a hug, watching your friend open a gift, a night out with friends at a charity event are missed. We crave that coffee and lunch meeting, which were once scheduled out for weeks. Now with social distancing, the simple life and simple acts of kindness are being appreciated even more.

More time for authentic connection:

  • Pick up the phone and call someone directly and ask how they are.

  • Send a handwritten note.

  • Send a gift through the mail.

  • Offer something helpful in a time of need.

  • Offer home delivery.

  • Offer pick-up.

  • Use platforms like face-time and video more and often.

  • Reach out directly via instant messenger or text.

  • Start a virtual act of kindness campaign.

  • Host a virtual happy hour.

  • Buy from a local store and share it with others.

  • Take a walk or bike ride, but practice social distancing.

Innovative or back to some 'old school' ways to run businesses will sprout:

Here are some strategies that I have been thinking about for my clients:

  • Virtually via Zoom or other video conferencing platforms

  • By drive-through

  • By snail mail

  • By phone

  • Allowing pick-up and drop-offs

  • By car

  • By window

  • By previewing

  • By intense vetting

  • By distancing

  • By offering discounts

  • By offering options

  • By telling authentic stories

  • Thinking about different modes of transportation

  • Adjusting hours of operation

  • What else is happening?

Life is a journey with no maps. We’re all navigating this together. We’re all committed to helping each other through this. I will continue to share my ideas and thoughts as trends blossom because this is certainly an evolution.

Feel free to share ideas or ways you have re-imagined business in this time of uncertainty. Comment below on how you are connecting with your customers these days?

Please no matter what, stay safe out there and distant. #flattenthecurve


Becca Cooper Leebove is a Brand Strategist and the Founder of ShuBu—Ideas to Life, a full-service marketing and branding agency in Denver. We create captivating brands and compelling marketing strategies by diving deep into people’s motivations, data and trends.


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