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  • Becca Cooper Leebove

Pandemic Marketing Trends

So what is going on in the world of branding and marketing during a Pandemic...those are words we never thought we'd utter over here. Here are some things we're helping our clients with as of late:

1) PERSONAL BRANDING: A rise for the need to bring your personal brand to the next level. It is about time to create some online visibility for yourself or your business if you haven't already. Being in the dark during a Pandemic is no fun.

2) VIDEO MARKETING: Its the next best thing to being in-person and a leading trend in marketing for quite some time now. We're getting requests for more virtual tours and animated explainer videos these days.

3) NEW STARTUPS SPROUTING: Since we last reached out, we've taken on THREE new startup brands. Yep, people are starting new businesses during a Pandemic. Congrats to these brave and ambitious entrepreneurs.

4) OUTDOOR SIGNAGE GALORE: Given there are lot of folks road-tripping, walking, biking and sightseeing outside -- signage is still a thing.

5) QR CODES - SAY WHAT?! Yes, these have officially made their comeback. From restaurant menus, entryways, signage, brochures...these little suckers are back in business due to the non-touch environment we are in these days.

6) PROFESSIONAL PHOTOSHOOTS: More and more businesses are refreshing those old photos now. Since everyone is pretty much online these days -- why not update your old product shots or personal headshots?

7) SUPPORTING GOOD CAUSES: Businesses are not afraid to support social injustice and causes that are important to them these days. We're seeing creative ways to weave the support of others with signage, quotes, social media memes and action-oriented campaigns. Staying silent isn't cool and neither is negative PR.

We create brands that have purpose and impact. We simplify your message and identity, and bring ideas to life. Do you have an old brand that needs refreshing or do you need a way to promote that next big thing...ShuBu Creative is your destination. Visit to view our work.


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