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  • Becca Cooper Leebove

Creating a Brand: Go Deep to Attract the Right Clients.

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

A brand is much more than a logo. It is your energy and who you are to the core. A brand is what you aspire to be and how your customers view and interact with you. It is your ultimate position in the market.

Establish a systematic and research-based process to create or refresh a brand. It is not something that is "quick and dirty" or just a "makeover."

With a solid brand to stand on, you are confident in who you are and what you do. You stand out amongst a crowd, and people remember you. Your employees speak clearly and confidently about the company they work for and refer it to their friends. Best of all, you attract the RIGHT clients and customers.

Take an inside and outside approach. Interview employees, stakeholders, donors, and customers and analyze competitive research, your industry, and your current brand and marketing.

Dive deep to find insights, trends and gaps. Then, take the key themes to formulate your brand. Break the results into these buckets to inform a brand:

1) Key Themes

2) Tensions

3) Outliers

4) Strong sound bytes & resonating words

What is a brand?

It is an energy that you put out there to attract what you want!

It is the DNA and essence of a business. It is used as a filter and guide when creating all communications moving forward. It is your being, persona, and vibe. It is what you believe in and stand for overall.

Here are some things that are defined during a brand process:

  • Company Name & Tagline

  • Mission

  • Vision

  • Values

  • Tone of Voice

  • Who we are/Who we are not

  • Energy/Vibe

  • Promise to your customers

  • Purpose/Why Statement

  • What makes you unique?

  • Your story/how it started

  • Brand Headlines

  • Brand Subheads

  • Messaging Structure

  • Customer Journey & Target Personas

  • Reasons to Believe/Facts/Numbers!!!! What proof do you have?

  • Visual identity: logo, color scheme, typography, graphics, photos, patterns and textures

At ShuBu Creative, we help businesses simplify and modernize their brands to have a purpose and impact to make a difference in the world today.

Once we develop a clear brand strategy as shown above, ShuBu creates and project manages foundational marketing assets from inception to launch, such as a website, social media platform, print materials, PR efforts, videos, signage and more. Then, be consistent and creative when you market yourself and your company.

Visit to create a brand that has purpose and impact. Please look at some of the purpose-driven brands we developed and shaped to change the world. We serve mid-sized to large companies in real estate development, higher education, healthcare, technology, non-profit, professional services, coaches consultants, and more.

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