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Sun Life Health


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Sun Life Health (SLH)-
SLH resources and reputation have grown over 45+ years. They had inconsistent branding across service lines—pediatrics, dental, primary, etc., different naming conventions and slightly varying logos. The branches used the word center vs. healthcare. The five-word name (Sun Life Family Healthcare Center) caused signage and memorability issues for the consumers we interviewed. The word 'center,' which appeared in all of their service lines, also has a different meaning to the people interviewed and was confusing. There was little to no diversity in the photographs they used for marketing purposes. The logo and colors were similar to Walmart. The similar look translated to a discount feel and did not show the breadth of what they offered and who we found they were—a significant quality healthcare network and provider for anyone.
We wanted their branding to reflect that they are a quality, reputable healthcare provider for anyone. Therefore, we established a brand centered around the patient. We renamed Sun Life Family Healthcare Center to Sun Life Health. We established a tagline: Your Health Starts Here. We crafted a strong value proposition: You deserve exceptional care without exception. We changed the color palette so it did not look like Walmart and updated its logo to a modern and professional mark of a sun that centers around a target, symbolizing the patient. We refined all messaging and service lines. Hence, it was clear that they offered various healthcare services to anyone. We also changed all their photography to be more inclusive and diverse.
Since the re-brand, Sun Life Health has received several community recognitions, federal grants and awards. They have updated their website, signage, offices and all marketing. The employees are happy and proud of the new brand too!

The prior brand is below! 

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